Saturday, December 8, 2007

Crunch Time

I'm getting to that point in the year when I have to weigh my options and ask the question; is it best to restock "the shelves" and maintain a full inventory in all of the galleries or should I let my work "sell down" so that my inventory will be less during the leaner months that are sure to come after the first of the year? Each year I wrestle with this bookkeeping practice knowing that I can't sell what isn't there AND that the check book will look better if I don't spend any more money on material between now and those lean times I mentioned. Since each year is different in it's makeup, like children and their personalities who cry out to be treated as individuals, the decisions I make change with the times. The decision hasn't been made on this year, yet.

Last week, we received about 8 inches of snow, enough to make the ground white and give the trees a seasonal overcoat, but not enough for me to haul out my tripod for those beautiful wintry holiday images I've been needing to take. In fact, it snowed every day this week, just an inch or two here and there, enough so you had to clean off the car each morning or sweep the steps to keep the accumulation down. It's what I call a nuisance shower. And, there's a promise for more fluffy inches on Sunday or Monday. I don't usually pay too much attention to the weather forecast because it's just about the only job you can be wrong 70% of the time and still remain employed.

It's just that I need good travel weather on Monday because my printer has decided this is the time of year it will break down and the repair shop is 120 miles from my house. Does the timing for this event strike anyone else as being bad?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Only 24 More Shopping Days

I can't believe it but my holiday shopping is almost completed. Wrapping is another matter entirely. It's just after midnight and I've put the finishing touches on 12 dozen cookies for the Lisbon ARTS Gallery Christmas Fair cookie walk. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this concept, I'll explain. You purchase a festively decorated coffee tin, either the one pound or three pound size and wander down the length of tables filled with all sorts of confections. Choose the cookies you want and stuff them into the can. Pay the attendant and go home with a tin full of home baked goodies to enjoy yourself or to give as gifts. The gallery has it's members saving coffee cans throughout the year and just before the event we all are slaves to the oven. It has proven to be an excellent way to subsidise our treasury. While I'm at the Rocks, Carl will be cooking up a storm at the gallery craft fair. He has caused quite a commotion among the vendors attending our annual event with his version of an "egg mcmuffin" handed to the crafters at no charge while they are getting their displays ready for the public. And as the heading of this post suggests, the Christmas countdown has begun. I only hope we receive an appreciable amount of snow before the holiday decorations disappear for another year. For the past few years, the Lion and The Rose Bed and Breakfast has asked me to take photos of their Victorian Inn with all it's Yuletide finery in place. The sad part is the snow hasn't been there for the dazzling image I have in my head, leaving me with the photo you see here, taken of the establishment during warmer weather. Maybe this is the year, Chris and Roger !