Friday, December 18, 2009

News Coverage

This year marked a banner year for a select group of North Country crafters who had previously been available at the Rocks Christmas Tree Farm in Bethlehem, NH. Long time favorites like Jerry Landry aka “Stumpy” , Zelda Gonyer of Zelda’s Gourmet Preserves, Valerie Hill of Photo-Sensitivity along with Ron and Ina Lippard of Renaissance Reproductions decided to host their own event for the three weekends following Thanksgiving at the Eagles Club just across the street from the SPNHF estate.
For years, savvy shoppers traveled to Bethlehem to cut their tree and purchase handcrafted holiday gifts. When a decision was made not to invite the crafters this year, the small group decided to hold their own event to coincide with the busiest of shopping days. The event dubbed “ The Crafters Are Here”, a play on words from the signage usually announcing the arrival of approximately 14 unique vendors, ran for the weekends of November 27-29, December 5th , 6th, 12th and 13th. A free drawing of a gift basket made up of donations from all the vendors recorded more than 200 visitors.
Other crafters in attendance included Ray Chamberland’s designer pens, Rugs by Jerry and RDH candy, Sage’s Fairy Garden and Thyme To Heal organic teas, Critta’s and Things Fleece and Potholders, Deborah Helen’s Florals and Sap Buckets, Pillow Surprize, Happy Trails homemade doggie treats, and A Natural Moment pen and ink note cards.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Now, it looks like Christmas! Two days ago, we received several inches of snow. Yesterday, it was 38 degrees and beautiful. My mom checked the forecast for today and they said the forecast called for flurries most of the day. We woke up to a winter wonderland of an additional 8 inches of fluffy picture perfect powder, here in Whitefield. Not sure what they got in other parts of the state. It doesn't matter because I don't have to shovel "elsewhere". Now, I can get out and get those postcard shots of deep drifts of fresh clean snow piled up against the edge of a log cabin or a post and rail fence nearly buried with the just a hint of the Christmas light glowing beneath. Sounds beautiful, doesn't it? We'll see once I find those things...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Press Coverage

Wow! It isn't often that I find myself being mentioned in the local newspapers so you can imagine my surprise when I found my name twice in the same issue. I was browsing through the Great Northwoods Journal issue of December 5th and there I was on page seven in an article about Birds Of A Feather in Lancaster, NH. The article talks about all the crafters in general. In fact, it was only my name listed among the others. That was enough. I continued to read and when I reached the final page, there I was again. This time, it was an article about how a group of crafter who had previously displayed at the Rocks Christmas Tree Farm are holding their own event at the Eagles' Club in Bethlehem. It was a nice article which included a photo of Jerry Landry, aka Stumpy, with his snowmen made from recycled wood. In this article, I had a whole sentence. It was great!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update on FaceBook

WOW, I was just rereading a post from March or April and realized I'd better give an update on my FaceBook page. I quickly realized the social networking that is at the heart of a site like this had gotten out of had by adding just one game to the site. It's called "Mafia Wars" and over 4 million people play every day. It's a fun game and I got hooked by that same friend who turned me on to FaceBook in the first place. So, since I now have more than 2,000 "friends" and my real family and friends can't get a word in edgewise, I decided to set up a new FaceBook page for my business, family and friends, NO MAFIA WARS ALLOWED. LOL! The new site can be accessed by searching for me under my maiden name Valerie Mooers Hill or by typing in a separate e-mail account I set up, This is a dummy e-mail address just for FaceBook so don't try to e-mail to me anything there. I can still be reached for photography related stuff at For some reason FaceBook didn't recognize that as an actual e-mail destination. I would love to have my loyal readers join me there. When requesting me as a friend just put photo-sensitivity in the message section. I'll get the hint.