Friday, August 31, 2018

A Bit Of A Rant But Not Too Long

I was a follower of several blogs until recently when I noticed the habit of many bloggers was to post something every day. This is a bit aggravating to people like me with limited time to spend on web type issues. Probably just as vexing is the blogger who does not post regularly for you never know when to check in.

I fall into that last category but I would rather use my limited time to post events and knowledge as it comes to me, not just to keep people reading.

I have been quite busy this year. This year, our campground hosting was restricted to just the month of May at Assateague Island National Seashore.  Many of you know we lost our son in law, Steve, in June. He was way to young to go and we miss him dearly every day. Our time has been spent giving as much support to our daughter as we can, when and where she needs it.

So, in keeping with the subject matter, We are on our way to a two day show in North Conway, NH over Labor Day. Can you believe it's already Labor Day Weekend?

Other shows coming up are as follows: 2 days at St Peter's Church in Londonderry, NH, 1 day on the common in Bethel, ME, 1 day on the sidewalks of Littleton,NH, and the Deerfield Fair exhibiting in the NH Made Building at the end of the month.


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